Sochi Olympics’ strange toilets: Conan has some suggestions [Video]


One of the jokes that’s emerged from the 2014 Olympic Games concerns the strange toilets of Sochi.

There’s the sign, tweeted by snowboarder Sebastien Toutant, that forbids standing on or fishing in the toilet (among other things). Plus the so-called buddy toilets and one backward seat.

Sochi 2014: Why can’t Russian builders get TOILETS right at the Winter Olympics?— Daily Star (@Daily_Star) February 6, 2014


Then there’s the audience toilet, featuring one throne and three chairs.

This is a real setup in Sochi. Toilet audience? #EveryUseIsAPerformance #SochiProblems #OlympicsStartToday— Matthew Duerstock (@MaWaiDu) February 6, 2014

The L.A. Times’ Chris Dufresne is in Sochi and tells of his mad flight from his hotel, a place of numerous exposed wires, after a false fire alarm. “Do not listen to that man,” he’s told at the front desk. Meanwhile, there’s no toilet paper — for his brand-new toilet.

Conan O’Brien addressed the problem of unusual Sochi toilets on Tuesday night’s “Late Night,” adding a few dreamed-up facilities to the mix. Watch the video below. (Mobile users, click here.)

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