Fiery midair plane crash; 9 sky divers, 2 pilots survive [Video]

A midair plane crash and no one is injured. That's pretty miraculous, even when those aboard are sky divers.

The accident occurred Saturday over Superior, Wis., when two small planes took nine sky divers up for a jump. Video, below -- captured with divers' helmet cams -- shows the divers climbing out, the impact, the divers falling and a fireball as one plane bursts into flames.

A diver cries out in panic.

Mike Robinson, a sky-diving instructor who was on one of the planes, spoke to a local Fox outlet, saying the cause of the crash was not yet known. The Cessnas had been flying in formation when something went wrong.

The lead plane was a total loss, he said, "the wings came off, they were on fire." Yet everyone got out. The pilot in the lead plane parachuted to safety. The pilot in the second plane was able to land despite damage to his plane.

Robinson said they were "just lucky this time."

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