What would you say on ‘What Would I Say?’


Let’s be honest, sometimes there’s no better way to waste time on a Friday at work than on Facebook. And after stumbling upon the addictive new website “What Would I Say?,” wasting time got even more fun.

The website culls old Facebook activity and uses the information to predict a future status based on what you talk about and how you talk about it. The result: a sometimes funny, sometimes nonsensical status that is often uncannily accurate.

“What Would I Say?” got even better when we discovered that users can generate statuses for Facebook pages belonging to celebrities or organizations.


Here are a few favorites from the Los Angeles Times Facebook page:

“NASA has released an amazing image section is celebrating National Nacho Day”

Jonathan Gold at locations around the city right now”

“Read all efforts to change a particular group”

“Columnist Michael Hiltzik explains why”

And simply, “Read all of today’s front page”

The website, which was created in 36 hours at a hackathon last weekend, has prompted a stream of screenshots on social media. There’s even a Tumblr dedicated to the site called “What Would I Say Poems.”

If you haven’t yet, try out the status generator and let us know what you’d say. Upload some of your favorite screenshots below and they’ll appear in our post.

Until then, “Brb, I’m just texting Marilyn.” Or so says “What Would I Say?”


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