Obama, Romney campaigns release dueling Mother’s Day videos

President Obama and Mitt Romney’s campaigns released Mother’s Day videos Sunday, saluting each candidate’s wife or mother and also injecting some political jabs into the holiday festivities.

Obama’s video first highlights the work his mother put in raising him, drawing a clear link between her parenting and some of the rhetoric found in his campaign speeches.

“She was somebody who recognized that those of us who have some talents, who have been given opportunities, that we gotta give something back, and I’ll always be indebted to her for that,” he said in narration.

“That model of strong, responsible women, but also incredibly loving women, has been a great gift for my girls, because they can see every day the contributions women are making in their own family,” Obama continued after highlighting both his grandmother and the work of his wife, Michelle.

The closing montage features Obama emphasizing the importance of his legislation focusing on women, including healthcare reform and the Lilly Ledbetter Act.


“When we do that,” he said, that’s not just good for women, that’s good for our country, and that’s good for families everywhere.”

For the Obama campaign’s full video, click below.

Romney’s video begins by highlighting the work of his wife, Ann, with his sons Ben, Matt, Craig, Josh and Tagg recounting a series of moments from their childhood, mostly detailing their troublemaking.

“She eventually decided, ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.’ She would play along with our games and help us make forts, and she’d get down there and wrestle with us and play catch with us,” Tagg said.

The series of old family videos continues, with the family at myriad ages and settings, and the sons praise their mom’s capacity for listening, her personal struggles through multiple sclerosis and cancer, compassion and eagerness to aid those in need.

Mitt Romney does not appear in the video, though his name is featured at the ending request for donations to the campaign.

For the Romney campaign’s full video, click below.

Original source: Obama, Romney campaigns release dueling Mother’s Day videos