After Sandy: New York sets plan to restart some rail, subway lines

New York will resume limited commuter rail service on Wednesday and some subway service on Thursday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced.

During a televised news conference, Cuomo said the commuter rail service, including the Long Island Railroad and Metro North, which links the city to the northern suburbs, is scheduled to resume at 2 p.m. Wednesday.

Limited subway service in Brooklyn and parts of Manhattan will resume at 2 p.m. on Thursday, he said. It will be supplemented by what he called a “bus bridge,” the use of buses to carry passengers.

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The transit lines have been shut since Sandy’s rains and winds pummeled New York earlier this week. The storm brought fierce flooding to parts of the subway system, which is more than a century old.

“Getting the water out of tunnels is the main order of business right now,” Cuomo told reporters.

Electrical power remains out below 34th Street, Cuomo said. That will prevent the use of subways in that area.

Cuomo also announced that 1,800 upstate workers from the New York Power Authority will come to the New York City area to help restore power, principally on Long Island.

Recovering from the storm will take time, Cuomo warned.

“We’re going to need patience and tolerance,” he said.

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