Casey Anthony asks bankruptcy court to block sale of life story

Casey Anthony leaves the federal courthouse in Tampa, Fla., after a bankruptcy hearing last month.
(Brian Blanco / Associated Press)

Lawyers for Casey Anthony have filed suit in bankruptcy court to prevent one of her creditors from selling her life story.

Bankruptcy trustee Stephen Meininger considers Anthony’s story an asset akin to any other and is seeking the rights in perpetuity to that story as a way of earning money, according to various reports, including the Associated Press and the Orlando Sentinel.

Anthony’s daughter, Caylee Marie, was last seen in June 2008 but was not reported missing until July 15 of that year. Florida authorities a few months later accused Anthony of killing her daughter with chloroform and duct tape, and the case made national headlines.


In 2011, she was found not guilty of killing her daughter by a jury that convicted Anthony of four counts of lying to police. She was sentenced to time already served in jail.

The long trial led to her filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, with her criminal defense attorney, Jose Baez, accounting for $500,000 of nearly $800,000 in debts against about $1,100 in assets.

In an argument filed Thursday, Anthony’s bankruptcy attorneys called the idea of selling her story an “unprecedented invasion” of her “private thoughts and 1st Amendment rights,” the Sentinel reported.

A hearing on the matter is set for next week.

Court filings show one person has offered Anthony $10,000 to secure the rights to her story, with the intent to keep it from anyone wanting to make it public.


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