Fascinated by fascinators
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Made us look: Things that got our attention in 2011

Fascinated by fascinators
While Prince William and Kate Middleton looked grand on their wedding day, the happy couple didn’t get all the attention. Princess Beatrice of York shared the spotlight and some say not in a good way. Her unusual headpiece, called a fascinator, was designed by Philip Treacy. Commentators around the world immediately weighed in on the fashion statement and it became an instant Internet meme, even appearing on satirical images of Osama bin Laden. A Facebook page launched shortly after the wedding titled “Princess Beatrice’s ridiculous Royal Wedding hat” garnered nearly 140,000 likes. But maybe Beatrice got the last laugh. She sold the hat on EBay for more than $130,000, with proceeds going to Unicef and Children in Crisis. Photos (Ian Langsdon / European Pressphoto Agency)
A fashion felony?
Lindsay Lohan arriving at court has become somewhat routine in Los Angeles. What isn’t is the tight white minidress she chose to wear the day she was charged with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice jewelry store. The blogosphere lit up with comments about her choice. The minidress, which retails for under $600, sold out online in two days, according to ABC News. (Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times)
For those of you who can’t get enough Tim Tebow, there’s now a play-at-home version, sort of. The Denver Broncos quarterback’s habit of dropping to a knee and praying, fist on forehead, while Broncos teammates celebrate around him has sparked a sensation called “Tebowing,” a term coined by fan Jared Kleinstein. Kleinstein launched a website, tebowing.com, that encourages people to submit photos of themselves Tebowing in all sorts of situations.  (Garrett W. Ellwood / Getty Images)
SpongeBob is down, I repeat, SpongeBob is down
A video recording of an altercation between a man dressed as SpongeBob SquarePants and two women on Hollywood Boulevard shows a physical confrontation that ended with the police stepping in. Story (Steve Boelhouwer)
Gang tattoo leads to a murder conviction
Inked on the chest of a Pico Rivera gang member was the detailed depiction of a liquor store slaying that had stumped an L.A. County sheriff’s investigator for more than four years. The tattoo led to a jailhouse confession from Anthony Garcia -- and a first-degree murder conviction. Story (Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department)
Mummified Playboy playmate
Yvette Vickers, 82, an early Playboy playmate whose credits as a B-movie actress included such cult films as “Attack of the 50-Foot Woman” and “Attack of the Giant Leeches,” was found dead at her Benedict Canyon home. The mummified state of her body suggested she could have been dead for close to a year, police said. Story | Full obituary (File photo)
Carmageddon: The dinner party
While many Angelenos stayed off the roads during the weekend closure of part of the 405 Freeway called “Carmageddon,” one Sherman Oaks couple and their college friend marked the event with a dinner party. On the empty freeway. Story (Jesse Glucksman)
Carmageddon: Planking
Stephen Estes, 23, saw the empty 405 Freeway as an opportunity to start “planking.” The USC graduate appeared to be the first “Carmageddon plank.” Story (Donna Estes Antebi)
Natalie Wood investigation reopened
The coroner originally ruled the actress’ 1981 death an accident, but investigators want to talk to the captain of the yacht that Wood, her husband Robert Wagner and costar Christopher Walken were on the weekend she died off Santa Catalina Island. The new inquiry was announced less than two weeks before the 30th anniversary of her death at age 43. Full coverage | Photos: Natalie Wood : 1938 | 1981 (Los Angeles Times)
Beer heist gone bad
Three Covina men were arrested in September after they allegedly stole a 30-pack of Tecate beer from a market and attempted to escape but crashed a car and hit an employee who chased them, then one ran through a car wash and another left behind his ID. Story (Covina Police Department)
Lady looks like a dude
Lady Gaga befuddled audiences when she showed up at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards dressed as a character she called “Jo Calderone,” a guy with a greaser hairstyle and a foul mouth and a New Jersey accent. Some critics panned the performance, but some at least saw it as a step up from last year’s VMA outfit: a dress made of raw meat.  (Chris Pizzello / Associated Press)
Charlie Sheen’s a warlock
After weeks of strange behavior and stranger television interviews, in which he claimed to be a warlock and to have tiger’s blood, actor Charlie Sheen launched a nationwide tour titled “My Violent Torpedo of Truth / Defeat Is Not an Option Show.” Unfortunately for Sheen, the audience in Detroit, where the tour began, booed him off the stage. The show was also panned by critics. Unlike vampires, warlocks didn’t fare well in 2011. Photos  (Carlos Osorio / Associated Press)
Guy Fawkes makes a comeback
Guy Fawkes, an English mercenary and failed plotter whose death was elevated into a national celebration complete with bonfires and the burning of effigies, reappeared four centuries later in mask form during demonstrations across the United States in 2011. His grinning, mustachioed face has become the symbol of resistance for almost any political movement. That, of course, includes Occupy Wall Street(Karen Bleier / AFP/Getty Images)
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