Drug tunnel
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Sophisticated drug-smuggling tunnel found under U.S.-Mexico border

The tunnel shaft on the U.S. side descends 57 feet from a small, nondescript warehouse in San Luis, Ariz.  (Drug Enforcement Administration)
The 755-foot passageway is tall enough for a 6-foot person to walk through and is outfitted with lights, fans and a ventilation system. (Drug Enforcement Administration)
DEA agents peer down the tunnel entrance on the U.S. side.  (Randy Hoeft / Yuma Sun)
DEA agents found tons of sandy soil in the warehouse stored in dozens of 55-gallon drums, suggesting “there must be a tunnel,” special agent Doug Coleman said. (Drug Enforcement Administration)
DEO special agent Doug Coleman points out specially built boxes used to lift dirt from the tunnel as it was being dug.  (Randy Hoeft / The Yuma Sun)
The one-story warehouse, part of a strip mall only a few steps from the San Luis, Ariz., border crossing, had been under surveillance by DEA agents for several months as a suspected stash location.  (Randy Hoeft / Yuma Sun)
Authorities said the tunnel’s existence was exposed by the seizure last week of a 39-pound load of methamphetamine. Although that is the only bust associated with the detection of the tunnel, considering the time and expense that it had to take to build it, one DEA official said, “we really ruined somebody’s day.” (Drug Enforcement Administration)