‘Crying, confused’ abandoned bear cub rescued
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Rescued animals: Boots, Feisty, Piper and more

‘Crying, confused’ abandoned bear cub rescued
A 3-month-old bear cub was discovered near Ojai and is now in Lake Tahoe undergoing rehabilitation.

More: The employee had seen the cub “scrambling around looking for mom” (California Department of Fish and Game)
Poodle survives 11-mile ride in car’s grill
This female poodle mix was removed from under a car’s front grill. The dog survived an 11-mile ride from Taunton, Mass., to East Providence after darting into the street.

More:Poodle survives wild ride; now to find the owner (East Providence Animal Control Center)
Glen Bearian captured ... again
A 400-pound black bear known as Glen Bearian, or Meatball, visited the Glendale area three times in 2012 to plunder trash cans and play cat-and-mouse with the authorities, who twice returned him to his home in the Angeles National Forest. The next stop? It was to be a wildlife sanctuary in Colorado, but now his current caretakers at a San Diego County sanctuary are making plans to build him a permanent home.

More: “I looked out the window, and he was standing there, 5 feet away” (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)
Rescued horses find a new home and purpose
Johnny Benton tends to two young colts that were abandoned and left to starve on a ranch in the Central Valley. Now recovering in the Sierra National Forest, they are being retrained for use as pack horses.

More: The number of abandoned horses has more than doubled (Arkasha Stevenson / Los Angeles Times)
Wolf dogs rescued from Alaska
Matthew Simmons gets a lick from his wolf dog, one of 29 that were rescued from small cells where they were bred and imprisoned in Anchorage, Alaska. They now live in a 20-acre wolf sanctuary in the Los Padres National Forest.

More: Los Padres sanctuary goes to the rescue of wolf dogs (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)
Donkeys airlifted 2,500 miles to safety
Mike Meyers coaxes two donkeys off their rescue trailers as they arrive at their temporary home in Peaceful Valley ranch, north of Los Angeles. In Sept. 2011, Meyers’ airlifted 120 donkeys more than 2,500 miles from Kona, Hawaii, where they had become overpopulated.
More: What started as an act of compassion has become a calling for Meyers (Liz O. Baylen / Los Angeles Times)
Lost kitten recovered from freeway
This 3-month-old kitten was found perched on a ledge of the 90 Freeway amid heavy traffic in August 2011. A police officer caught the feline and brought it to a shelter in Jurupa Valley.
More: Kitten rescued with safety net (Riverside County Department of Animal Services)
Fiesty, a flood victim, has new habitat
Fiesty, a female harbor seal, was rescued after flooding washed her into a street from the Duluth, Minn., zoo where she’d been living. She’s now settled into temporary quarters at St. Paul’s Como Zoo.

More: Zoo’s polar bear escapes, seals ‘washed away’ in Duluth flooding  (Megan Tan / Star-Tribune / Associated Press)
Boots -- cat adoption staves off euthanization
Missouri resident Diane Maxwell picks up her new cat, Boots, from Cats Are Purrsons Too, a cat rescue, in Chicago. (Jose M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune)
Olympia, a rescued harbor seal pup
Olympia, a female harbor seal pup, is shown at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward. Olympia was rescued in Haines on May 2 by the Haines Animal Rescue Center. (Alaska SeaLife Center )
Piper, Australian cattle dog
Piper, an Australian cattle dog, waits for a turn on the agility course at the Blue Ridge Dog Training Club in Kernstown, Va. According to the dog’s owner, Cassie Longerbeam of Berryville, Va., Piper is a rescue dog, taken from a “backyard breeder.” (Jeff Taylor / Winchester Star / Associated Press)
Injured fawn escapes wildfire
Veterinarian staff examine an injured fawn found next to a burned-down house during the 20,000-acre Dahl wildfire. The fire burned tens of thousands of acres south of Roundup, Mont. (Matthew Brown / Associated Press)
Beluga calf without its mother
Dennis Christen of the Georgia Aquarium feeds a beluga calf being rehabilitated at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward. (Mark Thiessen / Associated Press)
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