Officers shot
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Two officers killed in Mississippi

Officer Liquori Tate, left, and Officer Benjamin Deen.

 (Associated Press)

Officers lead Curtis Banks, center, into the Mississippi Highway Patrol office in Hattiesburg, Miss., early Sunday after he was arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of two officers.

 (Tim Doherty / Associated Press)

Curtis Banks, left, and Marvin Banks, who were arrested in the fatal shooting of two officers in Hattiesburg, Miss.

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A bouquet of roses and two silk flowers are placed along the sidewalk Sunday near the site where two Hattiesburg, Miss., officers were fatally shot during a traffic stop.

 (Rogelio V. Solis / Associated Press)

A memorial for all fallen police officers stands in front of the police station in Hattiesburg, Miss.

 (Dan Anderson / EPA)

Hattiesburg lawmen study information on suspects wanted for the fatal shooting of two police officers.

 (Ryan Moore, Associated Press)

A Hattiesburg, Miss., lawman investigates the scene where two police officers were shot and killed.

 (Ryan Moore / Associated Press)