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The Clinton Presidential Library

The William J. Clinton Center building stands near the Arkansas River in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Clinton Presidential Library and Museum include collections of approximately 76.8 million pages of paper documents, 1.85 million photographs and over 75,000 museum artifacts belonging to the eight-year period he was president of the United States. (Roberto Schmidt / AFP)
The image of the Clinton Library Building and an old bridge that is part of the property is reflected in a pool. (Danny Johnston / AP)
Reporters and photographers view a presidential limousine during a preview tour of the William J. Clinton Presidential Library on Wednesday. (Scott Olson / Getty Images)
Images from each year of the Clinton presidency are displayed on panels in the main gallery of the Clinton Presidential Library. (Danny Johnston / AP)
The main gallery of the Clinton Presidential library as seen during a media tour on Wednesday. (Danny Johnston / AP)
A wood bench with a portrait of Hillary Rodham Clinton, a gift from Phillip Zaidenberg President of PHZ Management, is part of the library collection. (Scott Olson / Getty Images)
Archive boxes sit on shelves at the Clinton Presidential Library. (Danny Johnston / AP)
A reproduction of the White House Cabinet Room on display at the library. (Luke Frazza / AFP)
A replica of the Oval Office as it appeared during the Clinton adminstration is displayed at the Clinton Presidential Library. (Danny Johnston / AP)
A collection of campaign buttons is displayed at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library. (Scott Olson / Getty Images)
The Archive Building, right, is shown next to the Scholars’ Garden at the Clinton Library. (Danny Johnston / AP)
Fireworks display above the Clinton library Thursday to celebrate its opening. (Alex Wong / Getty Images)
Lights reflect off a railroad bridge on the grounds of Bill Clinton’s presidential library, which also is reflected in a fountain. (Ric Feld / AP)