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Asian Tsunami: One Month Later

Amiruddin Azit holds his four-month-old son Abil. The Indonesian fish vendor lost two sons to the tsunami. (Francine Orr / LAT)
Sofyan Amzit, a fishing boat captain, lost three brothers and hundreds of other relatives. He is trying not to think about it. (Francine Orr / LAT)
Bodies wrapped in sheets or plastic lie in the street, near the rubble of a makeshift dock in Banda Aceh, on the northern tip of Indonesia’s Sumatra island. The region was devastated by last month’s tsunami, triggered by an earthquake off Sumatra’s west coast. (Francine Orr / LAT)
Sofyan Amzit’s wife Sulastri found this Koran as she ran to escape the tsunami waves. She believed it would save her life. (Francine Orr / LAT)
Sofyan Amzit and his family share a plastic tent in the Samahani refugee camp. He expects to be in temporary quarters for many months. (Francine Orr / LAT)
Irmawati cuddles her four-month-old son Abil in a relative’s house. After losing two young sons, she says, “I can’t even cry anymore.” (Francine Orr / LAT)