Justice System in Afghanistan
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Money tips the scales of justice

Khaliq Dad, with cane, and daughter-in-law Karima wait in a hallway at the Supreme Court in Kabul. Dad says he refuses to bribe anyone because it would dishonor him before God. (Jean Chung / For The Times)
Maliha Ali discusses her claim to the Dad home at the courts complex. (Jean Chung / For The Times)
Ibrahim Khaliqi, the oldest son of Khaliq Dad, holds a house deed that includes photos of his father and Maliha Ali. After Ali returned to Afghanistan from refuge in Canada, she insisted that she had only leased the property to Dad. She calls him a “gangster”; he is convinced she has paid off judges and police. (Jean Chung / For The Times)
Khaliq Dad doesn’t blame his government or foreigners for the system’s woes. Ordinary Afghans also have been poisoned by greed, he says. (Jean Chung / For The Times)
Almost all lower-court cases reach the desk of Muzafarddin Tajali, head of Kabul’s appeals bench. (Jean Chung / For The Times)