Infiniti EX35
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Infiniti EX35

The new EX35 is based on the mechanicals of the G35 sedan with the same cut of jib as the FX35/45 -- big snout, raked windshield, wind-winnowed roofline, converging contrails of sheet metal at the rear. (NISSAN)
Using a constellation of cameras around the car, the around-view monitor (AVM) creates a composite image, a virtual bird’s-eye view that shows the car from overhead. With the AVM engaged, you could parallel park into a teacup if you wanted to. -- Dan Neil (NISSAN)
With the new EX35, Infiniti offers an additional overlay: lane-departure prevention. If the driver opts into the system -- by way of a button on the steering wheel -- the car will automatically nudge itself back into the lane by gently pulsing the brakes, should the sensors and algorithms dictate. -- Dan Neil (NISSAN)
The detailing here -- the switch gear, the woodwork, the perfectly worked seams -- all make for one of the best entry luxury cabins available. -- Dan Neil (PHOTO BY MIKE DITZ)
This is the stylish, niche-segment alternative for those who just can’t give up the SUV saddle. -- Dan Neil (PHOTO BY MIKE DITZ)
In itself, the EX35 is fashionably pointless. It offers only a marginal increase in stowage capacity (3 cubic feet more than the sedan) and has next to no back seat -- so much for the utility. -- Dan Neil (NISSAN)
There’s a lot of swoop and fold going on in a few feet, ending at the back with a slightly unceremonious hatchback. Still, it’s a nice-looking machine. -- Dan Neil (PHOTO BY MIKE DITZ)