2008 Acura TL
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2008 Acura TL

We drove the 2008 Acura TL Type-S sedan, a car brought back to service in 2007 after a four-year furlough -- an absence partly stemming from debate within the ranks of Honda Motor. -- Warren Brown (HONDA)
Interior comfort was compromised by leather-covered seating surfaces that were slippery and hard -- odd for an Acura, or for anything coming from Honda, which normally has an impeccable reputation for quality in materials and fit and finish. -- Warren Brown (HONDA)
For 2008, the TL’s navigation system now works in Hawaii and the AcuraLink™ with real-time traffic has been expanded to incorporate 76 metropolitan markets. (HONDA)
This two-tier design has a leather-covered sliding armrest and a flocked upper tray for cell phone storage. A removable coin holder is built in as is a 12-volt accessory outlet and AUX jack for an MP3 player or similar device. (HONDA)
The TL Type-S, under the circumstances, was exactly what we needed: a nimble warrior, a car whose Brembo-caliper brakes stopped it as quickly as its engine helped it to move into battle. -- Warren Brown (HONDA)
The TL Type-S wheels made it appear closer to the ground, thus giving it a more aggressive, down-and-dirty look -- a stance enhanced by treatment of the car’s rear quarters with four tailpipe outlets, two each jutting left and right. -- Warren Brown (HONDA)