2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 Sport
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2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 Sport

In the U.S., the 2008 C-class comes in three flavors: C300 Sport and C300 Luxury -- both with the 3.0-liter, 228-hp V6 -- and the C350 Sport, powered by holdover 3.5-liter, 268-hp V6 mated to the seven-speed automatic. -- Dan Neil (Mercedes-Benz)
I was fairly unexcited about the C-class interior until I saw it in person; the grade of materials is richer and more appealing than it looks in photos. This is an organized, serious interior with lots of evident deliberation behind it. -- Dan Neil (Mercedes-Benz)
The optional COMAND nav/audio/vehicle controller interface is the same as in the S-class, only the central rotary knob is a smaller, knurled aluminum wheel. Much of the switchgear is identical to that of the higher-end vehicles. -- Dan Neil (Mercedes-Benz)
The new C is capitalized in various dimensions. Compared with the outgoing model, the car is 3.9 inches longer overall (182.3 inches). The wheelbase has gained 1.8 inches (108.7), and front/rear track are up over an inch. The biggest gainer is the trunk, which now measures a competitive 12.4 cubic feet. -- Dan Neil (Mercedes-Benz)
This car has no bad dynamic habits. It might not be as much kinky fun with the road-to-neuron connection of a BMW 3-series, but I would be surprised if the Benz can’t hang with the Bimmer around a short road course. -- Dan Neil (Mercedes-Benz)