2008 Porsche 911 GT2
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2008 Porsche 911 GT2

The GT2 is the most hard-core 911 ever to wear a license plate and the first production 911 to exceed 200 mph. -- Dan Neil (Porsche)
Everything is ultra-hard: the seats, the suspension, the steering and brakes, the monocoque chassis that feels made entirely of Higgs bosons. -- Dan Neil (Porsche)
The Turbo’s all-wheel-drive system is jettisoned in favor of a lighter and racier rear-wheel transaxle shared with the GT3 RS. -- Dan Neil (Porsche)
When you jump on the GT2’s throttle -- something you’ll be sorely tempted to do -- it practically explodes in a furious, jaw-slacking, gut-churning hullabaloo of weapons-grade torque such that accelerating from 60 to 120 mph takes one gearshift and a few scant seconds. -- Dan Neil (Porsche)
Whom is this car for? First, it’s for extremely well-heeled club-racing enthusiasts, who will weep with joy behind the wheel. Second, it’s for organizations like Motor Trend that have independently verified the car’s astonishing -- though kind of irrelevant -- 0-60 mph acceleration. -- Dan Neil (Porsche)