Enclave CXL
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Enclave CXL

There will be a lot of hearty back-and-forth about whether the Enclave meets or beats the standard for mass-class luxury, the Lexus and Acura. Not quite. But the deficits are small and fixable. -- Dan Neil (GM)
The key to three-row crossovers is rear-seat access, and it’s here that I think the 2008 Buick Enclave steals a march on the competition. -- Dan Neil (GM)
For model year 2008, Buick has given the boot to the lustily loathed Rendezvous crossover, Rainier SUV and Terraza minivan and supplanted them all with the Enclave, which underscores its all-things-to-all-people mission statement. -- Dan Neil (GM)
The Enclave -- a full-size luxury crossover, available in front- and all-wheel drive, with the most-basic models starting at $32,790 -- also carries the freight of reviving Buick as a premium brand, on par with Lexus and Acura. -- Dan Neil (GM)
The Enclave subscribes to the squirrel school of design, in that it’s fascinated with bright, shiny objects. -- Dan Neil (GM)
At 201.8 inches long and 72.2 inches high, the Enclave is a big vehicle, and it’s a credit to the designers that they have managed to prettify this glorified school bus as well as they have. -- Dan Neil (GM)
The Enclave’s spacious interior gleams with upscale polish and sham-glam details, such as the Deco-style Lucite cover on the gearshift indicator; the brightwork bezels around gauges, switches and air vents; the miles of French stitching on the optional leather; and extravagant use of imitation wood -- indeed, enough to start a respectable imitation campfire. -- Dan Neil (GM)