VW R32 hatchback grill
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2008 Volkswagen R32 hatchback

The VW R32, which is basically a life-support system for the company’s Direct-Shift Gearbox, which can be shifted in floor-mounted shift gate or by paddles on the back of the steering wheel and actually changes ratios faster than the gearbox in a Ferrari F430. -- Dan Neil (Volkswagen)
What you have here is VW’s 3.2-liter, 250-horsepower V6 engine, with the DSG and the Haldex all-wheel drive system -- essentially, the running gear of the much more beautiful Audi TT 3.2 -- stuffed into the abdominal cavity of a VW Rabbit hatchback. -- Dan Neil (Volkswagen)
Compared with a conventional automatic transmission, the DSG is more responsive and more fuel efficient; compared with a conventional, leg-operated manual transmission, it’s about 1.4 billion times more convenient around I-hate-driving-in Los Angeles. -- Dan Neil (Volkswagen)
The car will get around a corner, no doubt, but it takes the boring way around. There’s good front bite and lots of stable grip until and unless the back end wants to rotate; then the all-wheel system slides the torque load forward and the car picks up a front-end push. -- Dan Neil (Volkswagen)
The mega pipes sticking out the back of the R32 do provide a bit of performance-porn soundtrack, but it’s more an exercise in the power of suggestion. -- Dan NEil (Volkswagen)