Suzuki 2008 SX4 Crossover
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2008 Suzuki SX4 Crossover

Suzuki’s sexiest product is the SX4 Crossover, which has the distinction of being the bestselling small SUV in Europe and the cheapest and most fuel-efficient all-wheel-drive vehicle sold in the U.S. -- Dan Neil (American Suzuki)
Cleverly, the Suzuki SX4-C, with a manual or automatic transmission, provides three traction modes: front-wheel drive (a mode that offers slightly better fuel economy), AWD automatic (shifting power from front to rear wheels as needed) or AWD “lock,” for low-speed, low-traction conditions. -- Dan Neil (American Suzuki)
Suzuki’s SX4 Crossover’s got good but certainly not unmatched rear storage space -- about 16 cubic feet behind the rear seats, and 43 cubes with the rear seats folded (loaded to seat back height). The rear seats provide adequate butt-age but the SX4-C will never find work as a gypsy cab. (American Suzuki)
Our $16,870 test car of the Suzuki SX4, in Touring trim, trundled out the door with alloy wheels, four-wheel disc brakes, stability control, six air bags, fog lamps, keyless entry, leather-wrapped steering wheel, a six-CD, nine-speaker audio system with MP3 and iPod connectivity. That’s a lot of stuff. -- Dan Neil (American Suzuki)