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Who ya calling a lightweight?

Super Single Yamaha WR450F

Designer Roland Sands is turning three 450-cc dirt bikes, including the Yamaha WR450F, into Super Single road racer. Only the Yamaha will be sold as a ready-to-race bike. -- Susan Carpenter (Don Kelsen/ Los Angeles Times)
Before: Honda CRF 450X

Mods of recreated Honda CRF 450X’s (original at left) will be available only as kits, which consist of Roland Sands Design fairings (and the mounts to attach them to the subframe), wheels and foot controls. -- Susan Carpenter (Honda)
After: Super Single Honda CRF 450

A 450 Super Single is a single-cylinder 450-cc dirt bike that’s been converted into an entry-level road racer, such as this suped-up Honda CRF 450 at left. -- Susan Carpenter (Don Kelsen/ Los Angeles Times)
Before: Kawasaki KX450F

The frame, subframe, swing arm, motor and transmission are all stock, such as what’s shown on this 2008 Kawasaki KX450F. But the wheels, tires, suspension and bodywork have all been modified for on-track use and general skulduggery. -- Susan Carpenter (Kawasaki)
After: Super Single Kawasaki KX450F

The Super Singles, including this redesigned Kawasaki KX450F, weigh a scant 250 pounds and have a mere 60 horsepower to push them to top speeds of about 130 mph. But the power-to-weight ratio is similar to that of a stock 600 super sport. -- Susan Carpenter (Don Kelsen/ Los Angeles Times)