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Aqua vet

OPERATION: Dr. Lance Adams, left, staff veterinarian at the Long Beach aquarium, reattaches a splint to a freshwater sawfish’s injured nose. (Brian Vander Brug / LAT)
A cosmetic need too
A COSMETIC NEED TOO: Adams removes the sawfish’s sutures. The endangered species, which can also live in saltwater, is “very unique in appearance,” he says. (Brian Vander Brug / LAT)
Inside look
INSIDE LOOK: Adams does an ultrasound scan on a sea otter. Other recent cases of his: removing an eel’s tumor and bandaging the ulcer of a sea horse. (Luis Sinco / LAT)
Seahorse blister
A seahorse with an ailment is checked out. (Dr.Lance Adams)
Seahorse bandaged
After repairing the seahorse’s ailment, a wet bandage is applied. (Dr.Lance Adams)
Pufferfish surgery
Performing surgery for a bite wound on a Puffer fish. (Dr.Lance Adams)