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Warren Bolster

Warren Bolster, center, with his sons, Warren, left, and Edward. (Ryan Nakamitsu)
Warren Bolster skateboards in the early 1970s, “long before proper safety gear was available,” he wrote of this photograph. A rapid succession of injuries soon confined him to the sidelines. (Ralph Starkweather)
Warren Bolster writes in “The Legacy of Warren Bolster” of shooting “The Desert Pipes” in Arizona: “When we first encountered the 22-foot pipes in 1977, it was like landing on the moon.... Modern skaters owe a lot to the early pioneers of big-pipe riding.” He and the skaters made three pligrimages to the Arizona pipes. (Warren Bolster)
Photographer Warren Bolster wrote of this 1975 photo in “The Legacy of Warren Bolster”: “My surfer’s-eye view of the Cadillac Kid sliding pipeline in La Jolla.” The Cadillac Kid referred to Gregg Weaver; the photo was shot near San Diego’s Black’s Beach. (Warren Bolster)
A Southern California skater decelerates in 1975 on a longboard, uncommon in 1975. The board was made from an old water-ski. (Warren Bolster)
Warren Bolster mounted a camera on a surfboard to get this shot of Tamayo Perry at the Pipeline on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. (Warren Bolster)