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Quadruplets arrive

Angela Magdaleno, originally from the state of Jalisco in Mexico, gave birth on July 6th to quadruplets without the aid of fertility drugs. Three years ago, Mrs. Magdaleno and her husband Alfredo Anzaldo had triplets. (Javier Manzano / LAT)
AFFECTION: Alfredo Anzaldo kisses daughter Hayley, one of the triplets he and wife Angela Magdaleno had three years ago. One of the other triplets, Alfredo Jr., fourth from left, plays with neighbors. The couple had quadruplets July 6. The newborns remained at the hospital to gain weight but came home this week. (Genaro Molina / LAT)
VISITING: Anzaldo, Magdaleno and daughters Hayley and Katherine, both 3, at White Memorial Medical Center before the quadruplets were released. They’re in need of a larger home and a minivan. (Genaro Molina / LAT)
Crowded House
CROWDED HOUSE: Anzaldo watches TV with Hayley, 3. They share the one-bedroom apartment with 10 other family members. (Genaro Molina / LAT)
Mother of 10
MOTHER OF 10: Angela Magdaleno with one of her quadruplets at White Memorial Medical Center in East L.A. (Genaro Molina / LAT)