Urban eyesore
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River conceptualized

Urban eyesore
URBAN EYESORE: A jogger crosses the heavily tagged Main Street bridge over the Los Angeles River. The plan envisions widening the channel in places to preserve its flood-control capacity while creating more riparian habitat. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
On a stroll
ON A STROLL: Children walk with their baby sitter along the river near the intersection of Crystal St. and Meadowvale Ave. in the afternoon. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
Canoga park
CANOGA PARK: An artist’s concept of a large development, including a park and 6,194 units of housing, where Calabasas and Bell creeks form the Los Angeles River. ()
Made over
MADE OVER: Artist’s rendering of a section of the LA River after the city gives it the proposed $2-billion makeover. ()
OVERVIEW: Artist’s rendering of proposed improvements in Canoga Park where the Calabasas and the Bell Creek channels merge into the L.A. river. The Canoga Ave. bridge over the river is center, and the Owensmouth bridge is top right. ()
Manmade oasis
MANMADE OASIS: Artist’s rendering of a new park area west of the the current river channel. Cornfields currently reside there. ()