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Rising Crime

Michelle Ramirez, center, flanked by her mother Esther Esparza, 54, and her 10-year old son Christopher, says she is afraid to let her other three sons hang out outside since her 11-year old son Anthony was shot in June. The family plans to move out of the area. (Irfan Khan / LAT)
A photo of eleven-year-old Anthony Ramirez adorns a wall of his parents home. Anthony Ramirez was shot to death on June 21 while playing an evening game of basketball with his brothers and other boys on the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School campus in San Bernardino. (Irfan Khan / LAT)
Michelle Ramirez visits the grave of her 11-year-old son, Anthony, fatally shot while playing evening basketball with friends at a middle school. She and her husband have decided to move their family out of the neighborhood. (Irfan Khan / LAT)
Michelle Ramirez eyes swell with tears as she remembers her eleven-year-old Anthony Ramirez who was shot to death playing an evening game of basketball. (Irfan Khan / LAT)
Standing on the basketball court where 11-year old Anthony Ramirez was shot, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School Principal James J. Espinoza says things have slowly returned to normal after the shootings earlier this year. (Irfan Khan / LAT)
While taking Terrence E. Scott into custody on suspicion of a drug violation, San Bernardino’s gang team, which doubles as its SWAT crew, gets information from residents of an apartment complex where they’ve been cracking down on gang activity, drug sales and other crimes. (Irfan Khan / LAT)
San Bernardino police officer Jason King searches a man at the Terrace Motel after finding a stolen vehicle on the premises with a female sitting inside. The man in the white tank top was not detained and released. (Irfan Khan / LAT)
Sheriff’s deputies from Yucaipa have been among the personnel assisting San Bernardino this summer as the city tries to lower its murder rate and prevent crime. San Bernardino Sheriff’s Deputy Larry Lopez, right, and Deputy Chad Johnson from Yucaipa arrested a man who had an outstanding warrant for tax evasion. (Irfan Khan / LAT)
Members of San Bernardino’s gang team, which also doubles as the city’s SWAT team, do the paper work after raiding a San Bernardino apartment complex where they have been cracking down on drug sales. (Irfan Khan / LAT)
Two-year old Star Martinez keeps watch from her front yard in West San Bernardino as her father mows the lawn. Since two young boys were murdered nearby within a month of one another this year, Star’s father says he may leave San Bernardino because he fears the city will never be able to control its crime. (Irfan Khan / LAT)