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The Glendale bear: Captured for good?

It’s morning feeding time for Meatball at his temporary home at the Lions, Tigers & Bears sanctuary in San Diego County. The sanctuary’s director said Monday that she plans to expand the habitat at the 93-acre facility to provide a permanent home for the 400-pound black bear, also known as Glen Bearian.  (Lions, Tigers & Bears sanctuary)
Meatball takes a dip in a one-bear wading pool at the Lions, Tigers & Bears sanctuary.  (Lions, Tigers & Bears sanctuary)
Meatball takes a drink offered by one of his human caretakers in his temporary enclosure.  (Lions, Tigers & Bears sanctuary)
Fish and Game Lt. Martin Wall shoots a tranquilizer dart at the 400-pound black bear, known to some as “Glen Bearian” or “Meatball,” after he cornered the bear in an apartment complex in La Crescenta in April. The bear was marked with an orange ear tag so he could be easily identified by officials. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times )
L.A. County sheriff’s deputies and Fish and Game officers carry the 400-pound bear after it was shot with four tranquilizer darts in April. The bear was taken deep into the Angeles National Forest, but returned to the Glendale area several times. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)
The black bear known to some as “Meatball” or “Glen Bearian” was spotted rummaging through La Crescenta trash cans for the second time in July. (Courtesy of Kelly MacDonald)
La Crescenta resident Kelly MacDonald’s parents were awakened by her barking dog about 2 a.m. July 9 to find the Glendale bear had returned to their home to steal a bag of trash. (Courtesy of Kelly MacDonald)
The 400-pound black bear that captivated Angelenos for almost half a year was captured Aug. 29 after he was spotted visiting the area several times over the week, officials said. A culvert trap was baited with bacon and honey in La Cañada Flintridge and by 4 a.m. the next day, the bear was secured. (California Department of Fish and Game)
Officials lured “Meatball” into the culvert trap with bacon, honey, a McDonald’s hamburger and a path of French fries leading to the trap. Above, officials release the bear into a quarantine pen in an animal sanctuary in Alpine, east of San Diego. (California Department of Fish and Game)
After he foiled two attempts by wardens to return him to the Angeles National Forest, the bear was taken to Lions Tigers & Bears, an animal rescue shelter in Alpine, east of San Diego near the Cleveland National Forest. He will be transported to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado as early as next week. (California Department of Fish and Game)