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Newsletter: Great Reads

What to expect:

I know during the workweek you may not have much time to settle in with a good (make that great) read. So every Saturday, I’ll tell you all about the Great Reads of the past week. I hope you’ll pour a cup of coffee (or even something stronger) and let the stories move you, or make you laugh, or take you to people and places you never knew about. And because I listen to music as inspiration while I edit, I’ll include the “soundtracks” to each story. Maybe you’ll come up with some of your own! I’ll also tell you about some of the other things I’ve been reading – everything from long-form narrative journalism to the novels on my bedside table. Oh, and I can’t resist: I’ll let you know what’s on my turntable, too.


Host: Kari Howard

I’m Kari Howard, and I edit the Column One/Great Reads feature at The Times. Being the Column One editor is a perfect gig because I love good storytelling and I’m smitten with the rhythm of language. Example: The other day, our new Pulitzer Prize winner Diana Marcum read one of her stories aloud to me during the final stages of editing so we could both make sure the language flowed. It’s probably no surprise that my other love is music (that rhythm thing). I listen to it all day while I edit — ask anyone who walks by my office, and they’ll tell you I’m often dancing in my seat. In fact, I’m listening to a song right now (“Here’s Where the Story Ends,” by the Sundays).