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Southern California is the best place to be if you love horse racing. It’s got the best facilities, trainers and jockeys, even if sometimes they travel East for a big race or two. In our Racing! newsletter we will provide previews of the featured races at our local tracks and a roundup of what’s going on around the country. But at the core of our coverage will be entries and results that will include full charts, which is an expansion of what is available in our print edition. We’ll come to your inbox about five times a week, meaning race days and at the end of the race week so you get those charts. If you love horse racing, this will be a quick and thorough way to start your day.


Host: John Cherwa

I’m John Cherwa, and I’ve been a fan of pari-mutuel gaming since I was a kid in Florida and my parents would take me to the dog track or jai-alai fronton. The first time I saw a horse race live was at Rockingham Park in New Hampshire. I’ve been to most all the major tracks and a lot of the minor ones. I even once hit a superfecta at Bandera Downs, a track so small the clubhouse was a trailer. But it was the first time I captured the majesty of Santa Anita that my love of horse racing exceeded my love of gaming. Now I’m hooked on the sport, which has its lows as well as its highs. The newsletter covers both. It isn’t be a tip sheet but instead gives you the news and charts of the day.