Total Eclipse Of The Sun
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Total eclipse of the sun

A woman looks at a partial solar eclipse in St. Petersburg, Russia. (Dimitry Lovetsky / Associated Press)
A total solar eclipse is seen in Jiuquan, in China’s western Gansu province. (Associated Press)
Belarusians watch the phases of the eclipse through plastic discs in Minsk. (Sergei Grits / Associated Press)
A child gets help looking at the solar eclipse through exposed film in Xian, China. (Cara Anna / Associated Press)
A Pakistani woman looks at the solar eclipse through an X-ray sheet in Karachi. (Shakil Adil / Associated Press)
A playful owner puts protective glasses on his dog during the total solar eclipse near the Black Sea town of Varna in Bulgaria. (Petar Petrov / Associated Press)
A Pakistani girl watches the solar eclipse in Karachi. (Rizwan Tabassum AFP/Getty Images)
A policeman watches the eclipse through solar glasses in Hyde Park in London. (Joel Ryan / Associated Press)
Neza Pintaric, 9, and sister Ula, 11, right, from Slovenia watch the eclipse in London’s Hyde Park(Joel Ryan / Associated Press)