In space
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Circling planet Earth

The space shuttle Discovery approaches the International Space Station on Oct. 25, 2007, for docking. (NASA via Getty Images)
Discovery stands out against the blue and white of Earth as it prepares for docking. (NASA via AP)
Discovery, bottom, just before linking up with the space station. (NASA via AFP/Getty Images)
Discovery heads toward the space station. (NASA via AFP/Getty Images)
The underside of the shuttle. (NASA via AP)
The International Space Station as seen from Discovery. (NASA via AFP/Getty Images)
A close-up shot of the space station, taken during docking. (NASA via Getty Images)
A giant solar wing on the space station ripped as it was being unfurled by astronauts, and the damage could delay the next shuttle flight, NASA said. (NASA via AP)
Astronaut Scott E. Parazynski spacewalks in the shuttle’s cargo bay during the first of several scheduled activities outside. He’ll also attempt to fix the torn solar wing, a task that carries the risk of being shocked. (NASA via Getty Images)
Space shuttle astronaut George Zamka floats into a section of the space station. (NASA via AP)
Shuttle astronauts gather in the docking compartment after the hatch between the space station and the space shuttle was opened. Clockwise, from upper left: George Zamka, Daniel Tani, Stephanie Wilson, Doug Wheelock, Scott Parazynski and Paolo Nespoli. Pamela Melroy, the commander, is out of frame. (NASA via AP)
The space station is reflected in the helmet of astronaut Scott Parazynski. (NASA via AP)