Curiosity lands on Mars, Twitter humor follows

Los Angeles Times

Curiosity (did you hear?) landed on Mars. Now come the jokes.

On Twitter, we have (among others):


”Curiosity is on #Mars. Sure went a long way after killing the cat.”

Photos: Mars rover mission


“One of my wheels makes dinosaur-footprint shaped tread marks… just to mess with the creationists.”

“I’m going to take a nap… even though all the science here is super important and… LOL JK, I’M JUST SIFTING DIRT LIKE A BEACH-HOBO!”


“I keep yelling out “GEORDI, EJECT THE CORE!” just to see what happens. Turns out nothing.”

“Just analyzed a rock… it was hard. Can I come home now?”


“I knew that I was ok before #NASA asked!”

“Look at my shadow! I like the camera distortion and dirt filter - sooo retro :)

Twitter also features a growing number of #FakeCuriosityFacts, many courtesy of@lockwooddewitt:

“Mitt wants to know if Curiosity has found any likely looking spots to offshore more of his hidden cash assets.”

“Opportunity and Curiosity rapidly approaching Spirit; NASA scientists fear covert union organization meeting.”

“On Curiosity’s top surface is a plaque reading “This isn’t the droid you’re looking for.” You know, just in case.”

Other fake facts variously contributed:

“During its parachute-jetpack-crane descent, Curiosity played the James Bond theme”

“The Mars Rover beeps when it backs up.”

“Mars’s atmosphere is too thin for combustion, so Curiosity’s rocket descent was powered by Diet Coke and Mentos.”

“While Curiosity made the 350,000,000 mile trip to Mars without incident, its luggage ended up in Poughkeepsie.”

You get the idea.

There are images too, such as this one (cat lovers, the first one may disconcert you), collected at, such as Curiosity killing the cat and a NASA engineer’s “excuse for anything today.”


Mars’ Mt. Sharp comes into focus

Interactive: Curiosity: Liftoff to landing

NASA satellite photo shows Mars rover, parachute out, on descent