Part 3: The Asymptomatic Patient

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, the executive chairman of the Los Angeles Times, delves into the first of three kinds of coronavirus patients: the asymptomatic patient. Although projections vary, scientists agree there is a high prevalence of people infected who show no symptoms of COVID-19. This “stage one” patient, Soon-Shiong explains, assumes it’s safe to have contact with others. As long as tests remain widely unavailable, we should all make the assumption we’re potentially positive, says Soon-Shiong, and limit the spread of the disease by staying isolated and wearing a mask in public.

Soon-Shiong is a surgeon and scientist who has spent his career studying the human immune system to fight cancer and infectious diseases. He is also the chairman and chief executive of NantWorks and the owner of or investor in a number of companies, including ImmunityBio and NantKwest, which are currently researching immunotherapies for COVID-19.