Anza-Borrego, Calif.
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Perseid meteor shower

Anza-Borrego, Calif.
Stargazers on a tour with California Overland Desert relax on a dry lake bed in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and watch astronomer writer and photographer Dennis Mammana use a green lazer to point out objects in the night sky. (Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times)
Bogushevichi, Belarus
A Catholic church is seen on a time-exposure during the Perseid meteor shower near the village of Bogushevichi in Belarus. (TATYANA ZENKOVICH / EPA)
Yangon, Myanmar
A time-exposure photograph of people watching for the Perseid meteor shower in the night sky near Yangon.  (YE AUNG THU / AFP/Getty Images)
Stobi, Macedonia
A shooting star streaks across the sky over the archaeological site Stobi in Macedonia. (GEORGI LICOVSKI / EPA)
Paju, South Korea
A 15-minute exposure shows stars and meteors during the Perseid meteor shower in Imjingak Pyeonghwa-Nuri park in Paju, South Korea. (KIM JAE-SUN / EPA)
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
Stargazers on a tour with California Overland Desert Excursions watch the night sky above Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in Southern California as a meteor streaks by during the annual Perseid meteor shower.  (Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times)
Madrid, Spain
A multiple-exposure image shows the Perseid meteor shower lighting the sky near La Hiruela, on the mountains of the Sierra Norte de Madrid.  (Dani Pozo / AFP/Getty Images)
Landers, Calif.
A Perseid meteor streaks across the sky over the Mojave Desert in Landers. (Paul Buck / EPA)
Villarejo de Salvanes, Spain
Stars seen as streaks from a long camera exposure are seen behind and above a roadside silhouette of a Spanish fighting bull in Villarejo de Salvanes, central Spain. (Paul White / Associated Press)
Sieversdorf, Germany
A shooting star illuminates the night sky near Sieversdorf, Germany. (Patrick Pleul / EPA)
Salgotarjan, Hungary
A shooting star of the Perseid meteor shower burns up in the atmosphere near Salgotarjan, northeast of Budapest. (Peter Komka / EPA)