Recruiting a new subject
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Tracking lemon sharks for nearly 20 years

Recruiting a new subject
A juvenile lemon shark is entered into the study. (Kevin Feldheim)
Taking measurements
Scientists take detailed measurements of the young sharks entered in the study. (Kevin Feldheim)
New recruit
This baby lemon shark reacts to being measured as it joins the study. (Matt Potensky)
This baby shark gets weighed by researchers.  (Kevin Feldheim)
Research subjects
A view of lemon sharks in the Bimini research area. (Matt Potensky)
Swimming in Bimini
These lemon sharks swim in the waters of Bimini in the Bahamas. (Matt Potensky)
Right after birth
This female lemon shark has just given birth in the waters of Bimini. (Tristan Guttridge)
Shark dance
These lemon sharks swim circles around each other. (Matt Potensky)
In a mangrove
This lemon shark swims in a mangrove. (Matt Potensky)