End-of-Life Issues are Difficult Enough: Legal Representation Ensures They Aren’t Worse


Losing a loved one already is a trying experience, and compounding that trauma with an unresolved, or worse, disputed will or trust estate can further fray nerves and break hearts.

When grappling with debilitating life changes like facing a difficult medical diagnosis or transitioning into assisted living, many older people use a “tomorrow” approach to creating or amending their will or trust. “I’ll take care of that tomorrow,” they continually tell themselves, until tomorrow becomes too late and their final wishes are unclear, or worse, taken advantage of by unscrupulous people in their lives.

In this instance, their caring loved ones, often the people who have supported them, suddenly find themselves in a situation where nothing makes sense. While they know in their hearts that there are certain wishes their loved one had, the will, trust, or another person or entity, is saying something else.

But conflict need not tear families apart. With the help of strategic, empathetic probate and trust estate litigation attorneys, a family in need can rest more easily, reassured that their family legacy will not be sullied by poor planning or an opportunistic family member or friend.

Experienced probate litigation lawyers can aid families facing these issues, asking the tough questions no one wants to face: Did the creator of the will or trust have the mental capacity to do so? Were they being coerced into making choices that were not their own? Engaging counsel will help heirs protect their important memories legally, mitigating squabbles, and crafting a strategy to bring resolution and an end to such stressful situations.

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