Not all Medicare plans are the same – Brand New Day offers many options

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With today’s world as it is, it can be hard to feel positive. For many older people, the impact of the pandemic and its requirement for self-isolation has been difficult, and while life has returned to some semblance of normal, some things we used to take for granted are gone or forever changed.

That said, a positive aspect of the last year and a half has been a reconnection with those things that truly matter. For many seniors, this time has allowed them to take steps toward a healthier future in part by engaging with others around them, taking an active role in improving their lifestyles and learning new things.

Aiding in these goals, Brand New Day, a Medicare Advantage prescription health plan available in 23 California counties in 2022, serves a great number of senior adults among its membership. Many of them are finding newfound hope for the future.

A number of services offered by Brand New Day aim to help members thrive regardless of their age or medical conditions. Depending on the plan, members may have access to acupuncture services, dental care and routine eye exams. Some are able to get to and from doctor’s appointments at no cost thanks to transportation provided by the plan - even health club memberships may be covered.

Brand New Day has learned that the most effective approach to help members achieve better health and independence is to offer as many programs and services in as convenient a manner as possible.

At the core of Brand New Day are its various benefit plans.• They are available to individuals with Medicare Parts A and B or with Medicare and Medi-Cal: • Classic Plan - basic plan for its Medicare-only, Medicare and Medi-Cal members

Embrace Plan - a plan for those with heart disease and/ or diabetes

Bridges Plan - coverage for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Harmony Plan - for those with mental illness, including major depression, schizophrenia, and schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, and paranoid disorder

Select Plan - for those residing in Assisted Living

Communities or long-term care (nursing homes) facilities Brand New Day’s members like to share how “hands-on” the plan is. For instance, when they are told to “improve their lifestyles” in terms of diet and exercise, they are not always given the specific tools or a plan to follow. This is how Brand New Day is different. Whether through in-person consultations, classes or even if it means offering a step-by-step recipe book authored by the plan’s own in-house registered dietitian, their commitment is to help members get and remain healthy and happy.

Among Brand New Day members enjoying their golden years thanks to its broad range of services are Tony and Kandee Benito of Fresno.

“One unexpected benefit with Brand New Day is that you’re never bored. We’re constantly learning new things ... things we didn’t think we needed to know,” said Kandee. “For instance, we attend talks with top-notch professionals, including a cardiac specialist, ophthalmologist and even an estate attorney to learn things that are pertinent to us at this stage of our lives.”

“We have a group of new friends we’ve met thanks to Brand New Day and they’ve really enriched our lives, whether we’re playing chair volleyball or just socializing. I would recommend Brand New Day to anyone who qualifies,” said Tony.

Brand New Day, a Medicare Advantage prescription health plan available in 23 California counties, offers comprehensive benefit programs designed for its members’ unique healthcare needs.

For qualifying members, the plans cover transportation to and from medical appointments; vision, dental and hearing aids; 24-hour-a-day nurse and physician line; and health nurses and life coaches. In addition, members with chronic illnesses are not only treated medically but in a variety of other ways, including education about the member’s chronic or ongoing medical conditions and avoidable risks, nutrition, exercise, self-testing and monitoring, medication adherence to doctor orders, preventive care planning and linkage to community support programs.

Brand New Day’s personalized approach is designed to keep its members healthy and independent while the team of caring healthcare professionals share one common goal - to improve the overall wellbeing of each member by offering members “healthcare you can feel good about.”

For more information about Brand New Day, visit or call 1-855-951-4918.

*Please note: Not all benefit plans are available in all counties. Contact Brand New Day or your Insurance Agent for details.