Spring View students bring back past during Living History Day

Students at Spring View Middle School traveled back in time when they were met with soldiers, blacksmiths, squires and other Renaissance-era and American Civil War reenactors on the Huntington Beach school’s quad last Friday.

Knights battled against one another, almost akin to a Medieval Times performance, and infantrymen from the North and South aimed prop guns toward one another to play out a scene from the Civil War.

Artifacts, replicas and storytelling were also used to bring the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders’ textbooks to life during the sixth annual Living History Day.

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The Segerstrom Center for the Arts also presented an interactive performance of “The Odyssey” at the school.


Principal Jason Blade said the event is cherished by students and faculty.

“Living History Day is a way for students to truly embrace and nurture history and a way to create memories from their experience at Spring View,” he said.


Brittany Woolsey,

Twitter: @BrittanyWoolsey


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