Navigating Real Estate Success: Inside Century 21’s Impact on Guam’s Dynamic Property Market

Guam Special Report 2024
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With over 45 years of experience, Century 21 has become Guam’s front-running real estate company. Their comprehensive, personalized one-stop-shop services, highest industry standards, and overall collaborative approach to business make them Guam’s top-of-mind real estate advisor. Century 21 covers all the real estate services clients may require, from strategy and planning to management. “Our approach to business is reputation. We’ve been around longer than anyone else. People know us, trust us, and know what we can provide,” said Christopher Felix, President of Century 21 Realty Management Co., REMCO.

Since its establishment in 1975 as the real estate arm of local Calvo enterprises and its later affiliation with one of the world’s largest real estate servicing companies, Century 21 REMCO has positioned itself as Guam’s most reputed and successful company in its field. Their success is cemented on offering the most professional and comprehensive real estate services while maintaining a collaborative approach with its clients and other business players.

The complete range of services and thorough market knowledge have made Century 21 REMCO the preferred strategic partner for navigating the local landscape. Their expertise covers all areas: from private and commercial real estate buying, selling, and renting to property management, brokerage, and project development to specialized advice and consultation. Additionally, its strong reputation comes from adhering to the highest industry standards, including U.S. federal regulations and strict local codes to protect against typhoons and earthquakes.

Moreover, they prioritize their client’s interests by offering them the best-suited solutions to their unique needs. “We try to offer the fastest, the best, and most honest service. Our clients are not getting ‘sloppy seconds.’ They’re not getting something I’ve looked at and said I won’t develop. They know that I’m going to show them the prime stuff,” assured Felix, adding that since they are the island’s only bonded property manager, their liability insurance and fidelity bonds offer clients an extra layer of safety. “They’re protected from any errors and omissions resulting from our actions,” he added.

Guam Special Report 2024

Similarly, Century 21 REMCO has established solid collaborative relationships with other players in the real estate industry. Instead of competing with developers, they work side by side with them throughout the process, helping them buy the land, work on the design and layout, establish prices, sell the project and later manage it. They also work closely with attorneys, thanks to the mutual respect and collaboration they have built over the years – attorneys will even call them for advice when they have a client that needs real estate consulting. As Felix explained, “here in Guam, we have a small business community, and we all know each other. And that’s nice. You know who you’re dealing with, what to watch out for, when to push, and when to stand back. There’s a respect that makes things smoother, moving them forward faster and thus facilitating all processes.”

As for the future, Felix is confident that bright things are coming ahead for Century 21 REMCO. Particularly now, in light of the construction boom Guam is experiencing due to an increasing U.S. military presence on the island – the result of the massive relocation of Marines from Japan. Therefore, there is immense growth to be expected among the local population: between 15% to 20% and amounting to a buildup of around $8 billion in the sector. This, along with Guam’s strategic position as a hub in Micronesia, its close geographical and market ties with Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, and all the strategic advantages of being the only U.S. territory in the area, have resulted in a higher housing and warehousing demand, as well as other real estate related investments.

“Here in Guam, everyone is rowing in the same direction, resulting in a collaborative approach to business. As for us, we are very proud of how we offer our services. That’s where we shine.”

— Christopher Felix, President of Century 21 Realty Management Co., REMCO

Nonetheless, whatever the future might bring, Century 21 REMCO will continue doing what it does best: offering the best services in a personalized and collaborative manner. As Felix said, “Here in Guam, everyone is rowing in the same direction, resulting in a collaborative approach to business. As for us, we are very proud of how we offer our services. That’s where we shine.”