Dodgers and Don Mattingly insist their split was a ‘mutual decision’

After the Dodgers and Manager Don Mattingly parted ways Thursday, both sides talked to reporters about the split. Here's what they said.

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I'm proud of what we were able to accomplish, and I'm disappointed we weren't able to accomplish more.

Mattingly wraps up

Mattingly kept to the company line of it being a mutual decision to part ways. He insisted this decision is what is best for him and for the organization.

I feel different on different levels. There's a lot of people in the organization that I have great relationships with...all the people behind the scenes...I loved the relationships with them.

Why is Mattingly walking away?

I am doing what's best for me and what is best for the organization

No more clarity on departure

Mattingly on analytics: 'It's great'

' I think the information is really good. Do I agree 100% on all of it? Uh, probably not.'

Mattingly sticking with 'mutual decision' line

Mattingly insists that it was a mutual decision to leave. He thanks the organization and says they are 'in great shape'

This was a mutual decision. You can ask it all you I said in my statement, I'm honored to have worked for the Dodgers. I'm very grateful and very thankful.

Mattingly did feel wanted by Dodgers

Does Mattingly want to manage again?

In response to whether he was offered an extension: "We talked about all kinds of different things." Pivoted back to talking point about it being a mutual decision and that this was the right time for the change.

If he wants to manage another club: "I definitely want to manage, period...we'll cross that bridge when we get there."

Mattingly under pressure new front office?

'I think you always feel pressure because you are trying to win. It doesn't feel any different this year than the year before'

I don’t really want to get into details of our conversations, other than that they were good conversations, they were open and they were honest.
Don Mattingly

Mattingly opens up on relationship

Mattingly: "I felt very comfortable with Andrew and Farhan. Was very happy to get all the information. Enjoy the information".

Mattingly's opening thoughts

Thoughts on if this is a mutual parting: "It was a mutual decision and it became clear that this was the right time for this. Best for me and best for the club".

Will McGwire land in Anaheim?

Mattingly on deck

Don Mattingly will be able to give his side of the story on why he is no longer the manager of the Dodgers at a press conference at 3 p.m. We will be providing updates from the press conference.

The heat is on Andrew Friedman

 (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

Don Mattingly's departure had to happen.

For the Dodgers to advance to the next level, the one constant leader in their three consecutive postseason failures had to leave. For Andrew Friedman's administration to truly reshape the Dodger culture into one that can reach the World Series for the first time since 1988, he had to replace the curator of that culture.

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It's over with few answers

The news conference left reporters dissatisfied and turned somewhat contentious. The media was not settling for Friedman and Zaidi’s generalities when it came to answering questions about whose decision it was to split and who took responsibility for failures.

'We want healthy disagreement'

When asked how organizational structure works and who makes the final calls on lineups, Andrew Friedman said it was an open discussion.

He said it was an open discussion. They would let Mattingly know what they were thinking just as the manager would be asked for his take on prospective trades.

“We want healthy disagreement and there were times we disagreed with Donnie and times Donnie disagreed with us. … To me, that’s healthy,” Friedman said.

Our season just ended and obviously we’ve been dealing a lot with conversations with Donnie. … Everything has been so chaotic. We’re going to need more time to sit down and figure out ways we can improve.
Andrew Friedman, Dodgers president of baseball operations

Who might replace Mattingly?

 (David Banks / Associated Press)

(David Banks / Associated Press)

Now that Don Mattingly is out, Times baseball columnist Bill Shaikin made a list of five possible candidates to replace him.

One of them is Dave Martinez, a bench coach for the Chicago Cubs. To see his reasoning and see the rest, click "read more."

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The players liked Donnie, respected Donnie, and respected the authority of the office.
Farhan Zaidi, Dodgers general manager

Expect new coaching staff?

Experience not needed

'Blabbering nonsense'

What Dodgers are looking for

Replacement search has started

Postseason goal not met

Friedman said team had a regular season goal, which was met, and a postseason goal, which was not.

He said the failure did not fall at Mattingly’s feet.

“We all share in that blame,” he said.

GM says Mattingly wasn't let go

Verified: No contract offer

Did he talk to another club?

Friedman also said there were no philosophical differences.

Wanted him longer

Dodgers decision makers

When we started on Friday we expected him to be our manager in 2016.
Andrew Friedman, Dodgers president of baseball operations

We have a tremendous amount of respect for Donnie.
Andrew Friedman, Dodgers president of baseball operations

It was amicable. It was mutual.
Andrew Friedman, Dodgers president of baseball operations

Lots of interest

Starting soon

Don Mattingly out as Dodgers manager

Don Mattingly is out as Dodgers manager, the club making an official announcement hours after the news broke.

"The Los Angeles Dodgers and Don Mattingly have mutually agreed that Mattingly will not return to manage the club in 2016," the team said in a statement Thursday morning.

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