Chip Kelly introduced as UCLA’s football coach


UCLA introduced Chip Kelly as its next football coach on Monday at Pauley Pavilion. Check out video from the event as well as other notes and quotes.

More details on how UCLA hired Chip Kelly


Troy Aikman says Josh Rosen could be a top NFL draft pick, but he hopes he comes back to UCLA


Chip Kelly explains his coaching philosophy


Video: UCLA introduces Chip Kelly as its new football coach

UCLA introduces Chip Kelly as its new football coach at Pauley Pavilion on Nov. 27.


Kelly draws a crowd at UCLA


A new No. 1 Bruin


Chip Kelly talks about being UCLA’s new football coach

“There’s not a lot going on in LA today, as I can see from this crowd,” Chip Kelly begins.

Kelly credited Duke coach David Cutcliffe for saying when he came back to football to make sure that he found the right fit. “That was important to me, where would I fit the best and what would be the best situation for me.”

Kelly continues: “There’s something special about this place.” Kelly said he wanted to get back to conference where he learned how to be a head coach. “To be part of it again is really special.”

Kelly said to be at same campus where John Wooden affected so many people “is really truly an honor.”

Kelly credited former UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel with helping him understand UCLA through this process.

Kelly said football is about relationships, friendships and championships and that he wants to turn this team into a trusting team and that turns into friendships and lifelong friendships and hopefully through that process of relationships and friendships that turns into championships.

Kelly on talking to Josh Rosen: Kelly on talking to Rosen: “I don’t know Josh very well. Had a team meeting at 8:30 this morning and had a chance to visit with him afterwards. ... Our job is to compile all the information for you and help you make an educated decision on what’s the best for Josh Rosen.”

Kelly on fit: “I think if you’ve been around long enough, you can trust your gut and it makes you look at your values and your vision and do they match? I was fortunate in that I didn’t have to take a job but if I was going to take a job it was going to be the right job.”

Kelly on whether we can expect same style of offense from Oregon: “No, those players have all graduated.” Crowd laughs.

Kelly confirmed Jedd Fisch would coach team through bowl game and Kelly would not be a part of it. “They deserve to go out the right way.”

Kelly on defense: “Offense probably gets a lot of the publicity, so to speak, and maybe that’s the sexy thing out there but defense wins championships and when we were successful at Oregon and winning championships it was because of the defense. I know for this team to be successful we have to play great defense and that has to be the foundation of how you build your football team.”

Kelly on year off: “I got out of my comfort zone by joining the media.”

Kelly on filling staff: “There’s a great coach that said be quick but don’t hurry.”

Kelly on the NCAA sanctions: “I take full responsibility for what happened. That happened on my watch and I’m responsible for that. We have a plan moving forward on how we would recruit, how we would move forward.”


Dan Guerrero talks about hiring Chip Kelly, thanks Troy Aikman

“It’s a momentous day for UCLA athletics as we introduce Chip Kelly as our head football coach,” UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said to start the news conference. Guerrero thanked Troy Aikman, who is here, and also thanked Casey Wasserman and Josh Rebholz for their part in bringing Kelly here.

Guerrero said he had opportunity to interact with Kelly a little bit when he was at Oregon. That changed during interview process.

“Throughout our conversations, it became clear why Chip was such a successful coach and respected man in this profession.”

“He understands that integrity is at the heart of everything we do here and recognizes that as well.

“In the end we knew Chip was the right fit for UCLA because of the alignment of vision.”

Guerrero presented Kelly with a No. 1 UCLA jersey, and they stood and smiled for the cameras.


Watch the press conference live


News conference is almost underway

The news conference is being held in the pavilion club inside Pauley Pavilion. A few hundred boosters and media are on hand. Non-alcoholic drinks and appetizers are being served. Chip Kelly and Dan Guerrero will be seated behind a table on an elevated platform. Nearby are mannequins wearing UCLA’s home and road Under Armour jerseys, complete with helmets. A “Welcome to Westwood Chip Kelly” graphic is being projected onto a large screen next to the mannequins.

A planned airplane welcome banner flyover of the campus was being delayed to fix a spelling error but was expected to arrive by 1:30 p.m.


UCLA’s recruiting already getting a boost from Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly
(Steve Dykes / Getty Images)

Chip Kelly’s recruiting approach at his last college stop could have been described as few stars, just talent.

He was known for making players who weren’t considered top prospects wildly successful as part of a spread, up-tempo attack. Oregon went 46-7 in four seasons, reaching four major bowl games with a roster dotted with players who had been mid-level recruits.

Access to a deep pool of highly rated prospects won’t be an issue in his new job at UCLA.

Kelly can now directly tap into a Southern California recruiting base that Greg Biggins, national football recruiting analyst for, ranks as second in the nation for its depth of talent, trailing only South Florida. What happens when a coach known as a developmental genius finally gets to stock his roster with some of the nation’s top players?

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