Frank McCourt is suddenly the Great Communicator

Frank McCourt has been on a speaking binge in New York after spending the last year saying very little to Dodgers fans in Los Angeles.

He was on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Thursday morning, and I would have guessed the Screaming Meanie would have been on the “Squawk Box” before Frank, but these people are full of surprises.

Frank seems really upset because Commissioner Bud Selig won’t take his call.

He said, “I just want to know why he’s ducking me. I don’t understand. When there’s a problem, usually people talk about the problem.”

For the last year I have probably averaged one call a week to the Dodgers asking to chat with Frank.

After a while, I just wanted to know why he was ducking me. I didn’t understand. When there’s a problem, usually people talk about the problem.


When he continued to duck me, I approached him in the Century Plaza lobby, a lot of important people standing around in suits and fancy dresses.

Instead of talking about problems, Frank cussed me out. I don’t believe Bud has done that yet to Frank, although I would tell Frank that Bud talked to me that night. And he took my call a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve always thought of myself as Frank’s personal monitor. Based on our relationship, I’m not sure I like Tom Schieffer’s chances of hitting it off with our Parking Lot Attendant.

As we know, the Dodgers have been a mess for some time, Dodgers fans frustrated, and yet Frank has pretty much ignored them.

You know what that’s like, and now so does Frank.

He told his “Squawk Box” interviewers he just can’t understand why Selig won’t explain himself.

“Guys, we all, you know, run into different jams at different times, and how do you solve them?” he said. “You communicate. You sit down if you’re interested in solving a problem. You sit down to talk about a solution. At least that’s what I’ve found in my business career.”

So let’s sit down, Frank.

You do a good job and maybe I’ll call my good buddy, Bud, and urge him to take your call.