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Bixby Ranch

The legendary Bixby Ranch in Santa Barbara County has a new owner. (William Dewey)
Bixby landscape painter Michael Drury. (William Dewey)
A ranch road cuts through mustard dotted fields. (William Dewey)
The lighthouse at point conception. (William Dewey)
Point conception, where the coastline takes a dramatic turn north. (William Dewey)
Bixby ranch surfer Jan Robothom. (William Dewey)
A cluster of buildings used in the Bixby cattle operation. (William Dewey)
“There’s no place like it on this earth,” says Santa Barbara County Supervisor Joni Gray, of Bixby Ranch. (William Dewey)
The rugged coastline of Bixby Ranch. (William Dewey)
The surf breaks at government point. (William Dewey)
Bixby Ranch heir Preston Hotchkiss. (William Dewey)
Bixby is a place of extremes. Here is Point Conception, a promontory so formidable that it’s viewed as the dividing line between northern and southern California. (William Dewey)
An aerial view of Bixby Ranch. (William Dewey)
The Bixby coastline twists and turns. (William Dewey)