Kwame Brown
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Lakers vs. Nuggets

Lakers center Kwame Brown looks to pass the ball to guard Kobe Bryant as Denver Nuggets forward Greg Buckner. (David Zalubowski / AP)
Denver Nuggets forward Greg Buckner, left, reaches in to try and steal the ball from Laker guard Kobe Bryant in the first quarter. (David Zalubowski / AP)
Marcus Camby of the Nuggets tries to block a shot by the Lakers Luke Walton in the second period. (Rick Giase / EPA)
Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony, right, follows through with his shot for the winning basket against Los Angeles Lakers forward Luke Walton. (David Zalubowski / AP)
As Denver Nuggets coach George Karl looks on, Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant hits a 3-point shot and is fouled by Nuggets guard Greg Buckner. Denver forward Marcus Camby watches. (David Zalubowski / AP)
Los Angeles Lakers forward Luke Walton, right, misses a shot at the end of the game as Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony comes in to defend. (David Zalubowski / AP)