Metta World Peace races in Nick Jr’s “Yo Gabba Gabba”


Raising his arms, Metta World Peace seemed ecstatic over his performance.

World Peace didn’t make a key defensive stop. He didn’t hit a surprise three-pointer. To put it kindly, this effort paled considerably to his Game 7 performance of the 2010 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. World Peace won first place in a track race in an appearance Sunday on Nick Jr.’s “Yo Gabba Gabba,” featuring cartoon characters that apparently are even odder than the Lakers’ eccentric forward.

World Peace ran against Toodee, a “blue cat-dragon,” and Mrs. Fox, who looks like just as her name suggests. A red cyclops (Muno), a pink flower (Foofa) and a robot (Plex) watched the so-called “Yo Gabba Olympics” with unyielding enthusiasm. World Peace’s 8-year-old daughter, Diamond, coached him on the sideline.

The 35-second appearance fit World Peace’s goofy personality perfectly. He wore tight, super-short track shorts and high socks with bold stripes. World Peace looked awkward and slow. And moments after crossing the finish line, World Peace warmly embraced Toodee.


It wouldn’t have been surprising had World Peace publicly thanked his psychologist or conducted a long-winded news conference, as he did just that after winning his first NBA championship. Perhaps World can save that for a future appearance. After all, he provided the Nick Jr. executives with good enough reasons to invite him back for another spot. World Peace seems just as odd as the show, making his appearance a match made in heaven.

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