Mike Brown imitates one of Kobe Bryant’s facial expressions

There’s many versions of the Kobe face.

Bryant clenches his jaw after making a key basket. He profusively chews on his jersey during competitive moments. He glares both at opponents and officials after getting fouled, particularly if it’s not called.

And apparently, Bryant has looked at Lakers Coach Mike Brown increduously when he suggested switching offensive sets to free him up from harder defensive assignments. It seems that happens a lot because Brown nailed down Bryant’s “child face” please expression in the video above.

“We don’t have a conversation. He just gives me that look,” Brown said, while imitating his incredulous look. “He’s like, ‘What do you mean, matchup?’ He’s a guy who’s very confident he can score on anybody. He’s shown he’s capable of doing that.”


Bryant most recently showed that in the Lakers’ 99-96 Game 3 victory Friday over the Oklahoma City Thunder when he scoerd 14 of his team-leading 36 points in the fourth quarter. Bryant shot only nine of 25 from the field partly because of the Thunder’s varying defensive schemes, including Thabo Sefolosha, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant participating in double teams. Still, that didn’t stop Bryant from attacking the basket and making all 18 of his free throws as well as a handful of pull-up and fadeaway jumpers.

“I don’t think he notices,” Brown said of Bryant on the varying defensive assignments. “He doesn’t notice that at all.”


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Mike Brown imitates one of Kobe Bryant’s facial expressions