Mike D’Antoni: Jordan Hill’s role has changed to increase tempo

The emergence of Antawn Jamison as a contributor has had an effect on Jordan Hill’s minutes.

After averaging 18.8 minutes a game over the previous nine, Hill played just 14 minutes combined against the Memphis Grizzlies and Dallas Mavericks.

“There will be room for Jordan but his role has changed a little bit,” Coach Mike D’Antoni said.

Hill is a capable rebounder, collecting 4.8 despite just 14 minutes a game. Offensively, he’s shot 44.1% from the field, low for a big man. Jamison is more naturally skilled offensively than Hill.

“Nineteen and 15, it’s tough to argue with that,” said D’Antoni of Jamison’s performance against the Mavericks. “The biggest thing is trying to create room for Dwight [Howard]; trying to create room for Pau [Gasol].”


Hill might not have enough range to open up the floor for either of the team’s primary big men.

D’Antoni noted that Hill is concerned about the change.

“There’ll be a spot for him but again, we’re going to try to get up-tempo and to be able do that, Antawn needs to play the four,” D’Antoni said. “It will impact him. I’ll try to get him as much as I can and be sensitive about it.”

Hill struggled to get into D’Antoni’s rotation when the two were together in New York. While D’Antoni did note that Hill has improved his game since then, the fit still might not be ideal for Hill moving forward.


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