Lakers guard Jodie Meeks searching for a defined role

The Lakers signed guard Jodie Meeks this summer with hopes that he’d help stretch the floor with his outside shot.

The results have been mixed for Meeks, who averaged 5.9 points a game while shooting only 26.7% from the field.

He also shot a team-high 45.8% from three-point range but inside the arc he converted a dismal one of 21 attempts.

“It just takes a little bit of time getting used to the system and my role coming off the bench,” said Meeks. “I’ll figure it out.”


Coach Mike Brown has alternated between Devin Ebanks and Meeks at shooting guard behind Kobe Bryant.

“The rotation is not really set right now,” said Meeks. “It’s hard to tell how many minutes that you’ll actually play on a night-to-night basis.”

For role players, regularity can have a positive impact on performance.

“You always have to be ready mentally but when you know that you’re going in at a certain point, it makes it easier to get into a rhythm and get your mind right,” said Meeks. “I think once we have that foundation set, I’ll be fine and the rest of the team will be too.”

Meeks tried his best to explain why it’s important for him to have a defined role.

“It’s almost like being in class and you don’t know if the teacher’s going to call you or not. You’re looking at your notes and they call you and you’re like ‘Uhhh,’ ” said Meeks. “When you know the teacher’s going call on you, and you’re ready, it’s easy. You have your answer ready.”

The Lakers are waiting on Bryant’s foot injury (bruise) to heal but are otherwise healthy, outside of reserve forward Earl Clark (groin).

The sooner the team can get into a regular rotation, the better it will be for players like Meeks who prefer stability to uncertainty.


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