Watch Giants’ Madison Bumgarner chug five beers at once after victory

The last thing most people in L.A. want to see the morning after the Dodgers were eliminated from the postseason is footage of the hated San Francisco Giants celebrating their National League division series victory over the Washington Nationals on Tuesday night.

I get that. But, trust me, at some point you're going to want to see just how Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner marked the occasion.

Yes, that's five beers he's chugging -- or at least attempting to chug -- at the same time. Not sure if much of that Anheuser Busch product actually made it down his throat, but that's probably for the best anyway.

Clearly he's been practicing, since he only managed four simultaneous beers last week after the Giants advanced to the NLDS.

And if you examine his technique, you'll see a gap between the first and second bottles on the left -- a gap perhaps big enough for a sixth beer, which is the obvious next step for Bumgarner should the Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL championship series.

Not quite sure what Bumgarner will do if San Francisco goes on to win its third World Series in five years. He might have to drink himself out of a giant tank of Budweiser or something equally impressive.

But that's getting way ahead of ourselves. For now let's just marvel at the sight of Bumgarner and his five-beer chug.

That is, when you're ready, Dodger fans.

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