Watch Ickey Woods bring back the Ickey Shuffle in Geico ad

Ickey Woods is back. And, more importantly, so is the Ickey Shuffle.

More than 25 years after a stellar rookie season that ended with a Super Bowl appearance with the Cincinnati Bengals, Woods has revived his signature dance.

Only this time he’s not celebrating touchdowns; he’s selling car insurance.


It’s a lot funnier than it sounds. Check it out above.

Geico has unleashed an entire campaign centered around the running back who became a rookie sensation in 1988 with all the touchdowns he scored (15, second-best in the NFL that season) and the way he celebrated them -- a funny little jig that involves bouncing from foot to foot, switching the football from hand to hand, spiking the ball and then some pointing.

Woods’ star faded quickly after that season and his NFL career lasted just three more years. But the Ickey Shuffle lives on, thanks to Geico. Not only can Woods be found spiking his cold cuts in the hilarious commercial, but the insurance company has nearly 30 short clips available on YouTube allowing users the ability to “IckeyFy” any situation.

Some of the offerings include “LOL!” Nailed it!” “In Your Face!” “Friend Request Accepted!” “Nice Selfie!” “Good Job On That Thing You Did!” and “Your Baby Photos Are Totes Adorable!”

In other words, the Ickey Shuffle isn’t just for touchdowns anymore. And that’s a good thing.